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Schedule Maintenance Service for Your Kia

We at Aloha Kia understand the importance of your Kia, whether driving for work or leisure. While your Kia is dependable, it needs regular service to keep it going in Kailua. We recommend the following services for your Kia at our Honolulu, HI, location.


Brakes are essential to your Kia because they help you stop when you need to in Kaneohe. Without regular brake service, the oil gets filled with debris and corrodes parts, which makes brakes less effective.

Brake pads wear over time, and if they get too low, you may not be able to stop. Some signs your brakes need servicing to include screeching, grinding, pulling to one side, longer stopping time, and a soft pedal.


Tires need servicing because they are your vehicle's only contact with the road in Aiea. Proper tire inflation is needed to avoid friction between the ground and tires, and tire rotation helps them wear evenly.

Getting tires serviced helps them last longer and wear evenly and saves you money at the gas pump in Pearl City. You commonly need tire service if you experience constant vibrations or notice bulges or cracks and the tire pressure light.

Oil Changes

The oil in your Kia engine keeps the engine operating and prevents friction between parts. Getting your engine oil changed regularly helps keep the engine clean and prevents it from overheating.

If you neglect to change the oil, it slowly burns off, emits hydrocarbon, and may damage parts. Some signs that oil needs changing include engine knocking or other odd noises, burning smells, and decreased fuel economy.

Schedule Service

Your Kia's manual should include a list of recommended services and when to schedule the service. If you notice anything off with your vehicle in Honolulu, HI, don't hesitate to schedule service with us.